About us

  • Trioform AG, Werkzeugbau


In October 1996, Trioform AG was founded by Daniel Zeller, Ueli Baumann and Peter Teich in Degersheim. The main focus was on the prodiction and distribution of injection molding tools. Shortly after,the expansion of the business field was decided on injection molding. In 2000, the management agreed to outsource the production of some tools to China. Since then, there has been a partner company of Trioform AG in China. In 2016 Trioform AG celebrated its 20th anniversary. Currently the staff consists of 10 employees and 3 apprentices.


Since the founding of Trioform AG, we have been able to assert ourselves as a competent partner and acquire experience in various business areas. Our main focus is on the consumer goods, electronics and medical market.


Trioform AG wants to grow as a company and celebrate further successes. We would also like to maintain and expand the exchange with our partners. by training apprentices, we want to secure our headcount and introduce an new genertion to mold construction.